Adventure Log Xp Rewards
All rewards are a bonus percentage of XP. The percentages are added together and then applied to your XP total.
Making a Log: +10% of XP.
Reference the rest of the Party individually and by name/nickname/slur: +5% of XP.
Everyone makes a log before the next session: +10% of XP.

People and Places

Karimana Reldkasen- Baroness of Martira Bay
Ulrich Uthern- Father of Grant. Dwarf. Head of the docks in Martira Bay.
Amoretta Carolans- Woman buying up the Hearth and Pentacle.
Roderick Elysia- Head of the temple of eternal balance, the main church of the Overseer.
Koreks- Albino man who is a merchant that the group met in martira bay.

End of the Plank- a bar near the docks.
The Holly Hearth- Apothecary owned by elf male named Lurenelen.
The Pentacle- A book store owned by a halfling man named Enrico.

Ravenloft: A Gothic Horror Story

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